A profile of Maureen Durkin

Just so you all know. Maureen Durkin is a student at St Joe’s in English and Creative Writing. She worked through Tunxis with honors and is everywhere. She participates in humanities conferences at UT-El Paso; she participates in other conferences I used to have going but have let slide due to work load. This while also doing what she does at SJ. She’s editor of their lit mag, as well. She has great energy. She and the amazing Spinning have much in common.

Welcome Maureen.

1 thought on “A profile of Maureen Durkin

  1. spinning

    So, you mean she kind of picks up when you drop the ball? Uh, about that writing group…

    Hi Maureen! Welcome back to lower education! Have been curious about “A Mayde in her own little woode”–from Brit Lit? Are you interested in taking part in a writing group?

    Signed, “The Amazing Spinning” (Sort of like the sound of that, thanks. I may just change my blog and stationery. You may still get the Mostly taken out of your link as well.

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