4 thoughts on “A Word

  1. gibb

    I understand where Mr. Winer’s coming from. I have been so disturbed by the utter vitriol and vehemently perpetuated untruths posted on weblogs, Facebook groups, etc. by enthusiastic though misinformed party members that I have sought to sever my party affiliation but cannot do so without giving up the right to vote in this election due to a 90-day wait. Thus, I remain for now a registered Democrat.

  2. gibb

    I don’t mind being a part of 2 percent, though 2 percent is relative. It sounds more focused and dedicated and I’ll bet they behave in a more mature manner.

  3. Josh

    Going after Obama’s character and image is fair game. Democrats don’t seem to have a problem when the media does the same for them (e.g. Dan Rather). What makes me ill is that when conservatives attack a rival’s character or image, it’s called “mud-slinging”, “dishonourable” and “going negative”. When liberals employ the tactic, it’s called “accountability” and “public service”.

    But more than that, Obama is the Pope of Liberalism. For the majority of his supporters, he fills the vacuum that a large percentage of the rest of America prefers to have filled in church on Sunday mornings.

    Obama’s image is all he has. Strip that away and the liberalism he strives so hard to keep hidden will be fully revealed. Thus, I expect his campaign and the media to protect his character with zeal. His supporters will too via their blogs and Saturday Night Live. They have to because they know Obama will lose a battle of character tests and skeleton closets.

    They have to because Obama is their Great Evangelist.

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