Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

I’ve just received word that a good friend and colleague of mine, Art Adolfson, coordinator of our Math and Computer Science honors program is in the hospital after being hit on his bicycle by a car.

This is an excellent person. He will be on leave and should recover, which is good to hear.

2 responses to “Accidents”

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Belated best wishes and hopes for a full recovery.

  2. James T Thomas says:

    Art was the best teacher I ever had. Starting a second career at age 40 in computers – I was fortunate to go to Tunxis Community College. I had a bachelors in Music Theory from Uconn. I found a job soon after graduating from Tunxis where I took everything Art Adolfson taught. Intelligent, funny, thought provoking, and a fantastic teacher in front of the class – I never experienced anyone close to his effectiveness – even after getting my Masters in Computer Science. Tunxis without Art Adolfson is a tragic loss. I wish him well, and again, I believe he was the best teacher I ever encountered in my life!