After-storm Burger Poem

We lost power yesterday and were a little leery of the burgers. Story follows.

Yesterday, before the storm, we rounded up some 80 percent meat, mixed in some onion, butter, salt and pepper then cut some generous chunks of bleu cheese and wrapped them in two handmade big burgers, a few others for those in the family who don’t like this kind of cheese. Then we had to toss them out because we lost power and I don’t like to worry about prepped grub that may or may not be quite so fresh. So, we tried again today, rounded up some more meat and opened a crisp bottle of Sauvignon. Same recipe.

I let the grill cool to about 450f and did about 3 minutes per side with the lid closed on each turn. The butter makes for even cooking and provides a medium for the onions to soften. We let them rest a few moments on a covered plate. We split the burgers in the buns and let the molten cheese ooze out for dipping onto the plate.

It was something else.