An Entry Sad to Make

One of the joys of the 06 summer came with working with students from Farmington in a collaboration between Tunxis Community College and what we called The China Institute. John Timmons and I, along with Ren Tong, provided opportunities in digital storytelling and Mandarin Chinese study for the students, who generated wonderful work in video and other software.

These young men and women were charming, smart, conscientious, and tech savvy. One of the standouts was Alyssa Roy, whose gregariousness and work ethic made the digital storytelling sessions a pleasure, not just for the instructors but for her peers.

Alas, we must report losing her to an automobile accident.

This is very sad news.

6 thoughts on “An Entry Sad to Make

  1. Ron Passfield

    Hi Steve

    I read the report of the accident – a very sad event. Are there examples of digital stories produced at the workshop that can be shared? Maybe participants could create a digital memorial. The people who were lost seemed so vivacious.

  2. gibb

    The name, the photo seemed familiar to me and now I know why. How horrible that she, along with three friends so young and full of promise, should be cut from the earth and from the lives of family and friends. I am sick at heart, the age is one that somehow bothers me the most when it becomes the end.

  3. Steve Post author


    The participants did produce some wonderful short works. I’ll look into the possibilities of sharing and will stay in touch.

    Thanks for the remarks, Susan.

  4. Sally


    I’m so sorry to hear of this loss. I know you and John had a wonderful experience last summer with Alyssa and the other students. We’ll hold in our hearts those who were lost .

  5. Ronda Guberman


    I am Alyssa Roy’s aunt. I saw your website and am wondering if it would be possible to get copies of any of her work. I know that she really enjoyed your class last summer and had talked about a possibility of going to China for the summer Olympics.

    Our daughter, Alyssa’s cousin, Lily, was born in China and I think this gave Alyssa an extra incentive to learn about China.

    I appreciated reading how well liked Alyssa was by yourself and the students. She was really a special girl and we miss her terribly.

    I will look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Ronda Guberman

    Hi Steve,

    I was in contact with Dan Greg who works at the State of CT Dept. of Education regarding the Shandong project. We were the host family for one of his student interns 2 years ago, Huang Qi. I understand from Dan that Huang Qi worked on the project that made the Tunxis program possible.

    I wish I had known this when Alyssa told me about her classes at Tunxis. I am still anxious to see copies of her work and to possibly meet and/or discuss your project.

    My family has been hosting Shandong students for the past 2 years. It is truly a small world. Alyssa did meet a few of the students last September 2006.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Ronda Guberman,
    Alyssa Roy’s Aunt

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