Another New Deal

As I write this big budget cuts are coming and will hit Connecticut Higher Ed pretty hard and, of course, everyone else. Indeed, slender funds will hurt much of my plans for the coming years on the subject of hyperdrama and hypertext literature.

It’s been bugging me that nationally the country has yet to be thinking deeply about infrastructures that will take us deep into the century. The current campaign business is pure typicality. I read things here and there about electric cars, about mass transit. I’d love to take a train or a bus to work. What about national commitment? Real knuckles to the wrench sort of thinking.

I’m reminded that Tinderbox is infrastructure.

On another note, John has set up a You Tube area for the mashup students and the student videos will be going up very soon.

Also, a link to the Watchmen trailer.

1 thought on “Another New Deal

  1. James Revillini

    While we’re on the topic of new media and technology, I think it’s important that Tunxis investigate how telecommuting could save money. Like you, I’d love to take a bus or train to work, but like you said, it requires infrastructure we don’t have and likely will never have because we’re too spread out. But telecommuting is now very possible, and it’s endorsed by the CT DOL.

    OK, if Saint Raphael’s Hospital is “telecommute-friendly” as they say there, I think pretty much every CT business and college ought to be, to a degree.

    Let’s look at me. I get requests by e-mail. I fulfill requests electronically. I send confirmation electronically. I manage my servers remotely; not a single one requires me to lay a hand on it. Occasionally, I have to make a meeting or an appearance for something, but otherwise, Tunxis doesn’t need me to be there every day. If I could telecommute half of the week, the school would save on all the electricity and paper and garbage disposal services I use throughout the day. I’d say “that’s money in the bank,” but right now, no one wants their money in the bank, and “that’s less CO2 in the air” is sounding like a better investment.

    Good work on the mashup. I had a splendid evening watching the movies.

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