Assuming It’s Broken: A Little About Why I’m a Lamont Person

The Courant asks a leading question of the “governors”: “Where specifically will you find the money or savings to lead the state out of the red?”

4 out of 8 “governors” focus only on “guvment” and how they’d play with that red herring. Give some credit to Foley, Griebel, Lamont, and Malloy for admitting to insight into the darker corners of things. Griebel fails to consider that “guvment,” however, is NOT a business. If it was, we’d live in an unrecognizable world. I’m sort of ready for it.

Malloy and Lamont by nature see beyond “guvment” as a benchmark problem. I like that. But I’m a Lamont supporter because he’s into urbanization and seems to understand our city issues.