August Update

At the moment, this log has been slow because I’ve been busy readying for the Fall semester. Garden work, fencing, and other things have been making for long days and added “work streams” to the school work.

But here’s a quick note. The two most important issues in American culture and politics are the economy and energy (not the moral issues so common and so arbitrary to the babble in the news). It’s a capitalist country, after all, and, as China is a recent example, energy of many types is its fuel.

Along with the gardens, the fences, and the interior work, I’ll be embarking on updating the house to solar power over the next couple of years (I like C C-Ewing’s brief mentions on the topic of domicile ideas, and thus I make this comment.)

It’ll be interesting, at least. For Susan Gibb–we now have a semi-porch.

More coming

4 thoughts on “August Update

  1. gibb

    Ah, your timing is perfect, while in the midst of Shakespeare!

    Go with your lady at dawn and at dusk, whenever you’re able, to sit there and gaze at the sky. For there lie the answers and questions and more, and voices are changed in a sigh.

  2. Neha

    Or you could just stay out on that porch until the sun dips itself pink, sip your iced tea with your wife, and for a change, leave the damned contemplation to Barbauld.

  3. Maureen

    A that the same as a veranda? Ah, lovely still in the late afternoon and especially in Fall..:) It seems you have been a busy bee, home improvement wise..does Home Depot know you by name, Steve? LOL..

  4. Maureen

    Enjoy your garden notice..along the edges of the woods..the rot of fall is already beginning…rising slowly up the stalks of many a weed or plant…

    Yes, energy will continue to be a main all means, explore solar and other power…Who knows what the future of oil will be? It seems we are held hostage by seesaw prices….

    Well, I suppose one could also invest in tons of polar fleece to keep warm…. The cold does not bother me nearly as much as the heat…

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