We’re at that point when authority becomes the stuff of every moment. Since the law is all over the news these days, and Shakespeare is on the reading list, what better topic to consider and keep reconsidering.

Who makes the law? Is it Pepin, as Christopher wonders, or Mathew Arnold by other means. Congress is now taking time to put together legislation on the body. How would such authority be weilded in this sense? Any law written by Congress comes with pretty hefty weight. We know that such things can be combed together pretty quick and with not a lot of consideration. What would these actions look like? What’s the rationale?

At the White House, the president’s chief spokesman, Scott McClellan, said the proposed legislation fell within Mr. Bush’s desire to “build a culture of life.”

“In instances like this case, where there are serious questions and doubts raised, the president believes that our society and our laws and our courts ought to be on the side of presumption in favor of life,” said Mr. McClellan.