I’ll be building what’s called a wordpress theme over the next month or so so this area will run pretty much as usual. The Stoning Field project is pretty much taking over at the moment but certain design features of that Flash project are influencing my thinking, so a lot of that will go into the new great lettuce head area.

Why WordPress? Until Tinderbox for Windows, control over page layout for standard html pages is key because the decision has been made to make the weblog functionality the major node.

Anyway, here I will nest for the moment. Business as usual for now.

And so. Excellent meeting yesterday with the Narratives group. We talked letters, the market, and had a nice workshop.

Thanks everyone.

2 thoughts on “building

  1. gibb

    I’ve considered WordPress as well, either for my personal blogs or for Narratives & otto. I would assume that we’ll switch Narratives over automatically, but please let me know how to do so for otto as well eventually. otto is currently on Blogger now because it’s free and easy for all staff to access.

  2. steve

    I’m already on the case for those critical pieces, Susan. We’ll be talking soon about the switch over.

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