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A few pictures of geese, bees, and ticks.

Saw these at the Barkhamsted Reservoir.


Bees are hard to catch. But a little patience and a large salvia worked here. This one may be a queen. Really big.




No critter set would work without a tick. Thanks dog.


New Mexico Years Ago

This is one of my favorite photographs, which I’ve finally found the energy to scan. Manuel Cervantes, a wonderful friend, and I (in my hunting days) in New Mexico’s Black Range in 1986 or ’87. Title is Manuel Considering the Fire. I took this photo as the day was heading into dusk. Temperature was about 40 degrees and, I think, it was the third or forth day out. It had snowed the night prior and all the tequila gone.


Manuel, salud!


Over the last couple of years I’ve been taking pictures of transitions. The other day, during a cold, sunny morning, I walked into the kitchen and saw light making it’s way over a corner. I ran for the camera, knowing that taking photos of light and the patterns it makes is a tough thing to keep up with. Transparency, reflection, and contrasts are important, too, but the found image doesn’t often make for a great center-point. The eye’s shape here is often out splashy but from the two photos duration can be detected.