6 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Jayne


    And Happy Birthday to him and Happy 10th Anniversary to you all. And you’ve got one coming up, too, if I recall, so Happy all around.


  2. Jayne

    True, Susan, true, but how many people have you known whose first name was a surname?

    And, actually, I didn’t realize that you’d actually answered Steve. I was simply saying that Sam’s name resonates Clemens to me. Oops.

    Can we edit after we post, Steve?

  3. Steve Post author

    Explanations, elaborations, and clarifications are always welcome, though, Jayne.

  4. susan

    Yes Jayne, in my neighbor’s family it is tradition to use the maternal grandmother’s maiden name as a middle name for the firstborn grandchild. Actually, my own family is into strange names–food rather than surnames. My great-nieces are Graham, Zoee and Tatum, my great nephew, Leif. Of course I’ve nicknamed them Graham Cracker, Zoee-Doodles, Tater Tot and Lettuce Leif.

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