Climate Change and the Wide-eyed TV

When ever I have questions about climate science, global warming, or context, I click over to RealClimate. Al Gore is in the news, of course. The problem of “what’s the real story here” that 24hr news laughs out of the screen always brings out the devils and angels. I see the debate as fact-based with fairly complicated moral choices on the line, not “Will he run?”

Anyway, there will be lots of people debating the proposals. Many will also call Gore “alarmist.” Others will defer with dullness.

This post by Mann and Schmidt is an example of what I mean by the debate as fact-based first. It’s also a wonderful example for students of argument to brush up on their counterargument skills. TAnd please follow the links. The facts are one thing, but then we have to act on what we know best now. That’s the moral/ethical part.