Code Views

After spending so much time in the Flash Actionscript code view, I’ve returned to Dreamweaver to work on course materials. There was a time when I had to work in both code and design view in Dreamweaver, squinting and struggling when one didn’t match the other. What a change now.

Design view is still open but my comfort factor is at a much higher level. I don’t know what it is, but being buried in Actionscript has made all the difference in helping to conceptualize from HTML and CSS. Everything seems to make more sense. I see this as one of those elements so critical to learning something new and complicated. You work through the strange and mysterious, grinding your teeth, struggling, uncomfortable, and then find that all that work comes in handy later in other, more familiar territory, a territory that’s no longer the same. It’s like going back to Milton after ten years and so much in between and finding a poem that’s totally new yet familiar, more eloquent and inspiring yet still so glowing with what had brought you to it in the first place.

I will show you fear in a fistful of functions.