Comments and Collaboration

It’s interesting that given the subject of weblog comments that Susan adds to the issue in a post on collaboration and lets the blogger/typepad magic work on its own. She links back to Wayne at Nutty Streamers to illustrate weblog community.

In a like-minded community with a job to do the issue isn’t writing but getting the job done, and comment space can be an excellent method for collaborating, if people can make themselves understood with their symbols and rhetorical schemes; likewise, if the goal is to create a community of readers, then the weblog works as well. This, of course, comes with a whole host of issues, some of which are technical and political. Good reading and good writing is implicit in all this.

P.S.: I’ve taken her hint and added semantic links.

2 thoughts on “Comments and Collaboration

  1. susan

    God forgive me, but I must comment…I don’t think you read another, earlier entry that referenced yours (with many links, too–now how did that happen?) that might not have been as charitable as this entry you mention.

  2. gibb

    And in that very post on linking semantically, I myself didn’t. You’d think after working with Storyspace the instinct would have been trained to sniff out text connections.

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