1 thought on “Commonality

  1. gibb

    Aw, you only like him because he backed Kucinich, not because he’s from Texas since you don’t seem to show a loyalty to ALL Texas boys.

    Seriously though, Willie is one of the best lyricists I know of. His words are simple but tell stories that cut right to the bone, and long ago I found myself reading them rather than singing along without even thinking about what they meant. That is one great thing about country music–and I’m talking about the older style, such as Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Waylon Jennings, and the poetic Emmylou Harris–that aren’t just cryin’ in my beer stories, but reach in and recall emotions from great depths of soul. Blues does this as well, but I just like country sound better.

    Another writing/reading relevant point to the photo (if you pay attention to details) is that the envelope Willie is hanging onto is a letter I wrote him.

    But to tell the truth, none of the above has any relevance as to the focus of affection and admiration I personally have for Willie. I suspect I enjoy him a lot more than you do.

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