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The relationship between today’s paper Courant and the digital version is interesting. The digital version pretends that the paper doesn’t exist and the paper is full of stories about Tribune Co cuts that will see 25% cuts in staff and a trimming of an already spare version.

The corporate news model never worked. It’s too loaded with items that have nothing directly to do with content. It would seem that value added is not a good idea for an institution that should have intrinsic value, kind of like charging the government for congressional participation in the culture.

But the new media model is more significant and interesting. TPM is a current workable model. It may be the only viable future, in fact, for large distribution news, unless the corporation gives away its profits to the news engine, which is unlikely.

Alas, we will be canceling our subscription to the Courant as we have no need for a trimmed down version given that the current paper is just barely readable, despite what Barbara Roessner writes regarding the “new” paper.

5 thoughts on “Communication Models

  1. Steve Post author

    Bias, really. What’s your argument? In other words, take one their arguments and show the validity of the other side.

  2. gibb

    Actually, I once again wandered from your point of digital versus paper to wander into the medium of reporting.

    And, I have no argument with the truth or lack of in their reporting, but rather the tone that single page gave me, in scanning the headlines, which is a real feeling of where their politics lay. It’s not a matter of true or false, but rather what a news medium (or a layperson) chooses to focus upon and what it chooses to ignore and how that is displayed. This, just from headlines:

    *McCains Delinquent On CA Property Tax Bill – John and Cindy McCain have failed to pay taxes on a house in California for four years — not a great sound-bite from someone applying to administer the nation’s money.
    *McCains Have Six-Figure Credit Card Debt
    *McCain Economic Adviser Connected To Sub-Prime Industry
    *McCain Camp Falsely Accuses DNC Of Attacking Cindy McCain
    *Election Central Sunday Roundup – John McCain met today with Franklin Graham, a man who looked forward to the Iraq War as an opportunity to expand Christianity in the Middle East. That and other political news of the day in today’s Election Central Sunday Roundup.
    *McCain Outspending Obama Two To One In Missouri
    *McCain: I’ll Overtake Obama 48 Hours Before The Election
    *Says Town Halls With Obama Are “Very, Very Unlikely”
    *Starting to Wonder – Following up on David’s post below, why is McCain outspending Obama two-to-one in Missouri?
    *McCain Outspending Obama on MO TV
    *Florida Vandals Tag 60 Cars With Anti-Obama Message

    *Bill And Hillary Max Out Donations To Obama
    *Obama And Clinton Unite In Unity, NH
    *Obama Quietly Visits Walter Reed
    *Election Central Morning Roundup – Barack Obama will be embarking on an international tour to meet with foreign leaders and boost his image on foreign policy. *Terry McAuliffe: “I Love Barack Obama!”
    *Election Central Morning Roundup – Obama and Hillary meet up today in Unity, NH. That and the day’s other political news in the TPM Election Central Morning Roundup.

    I’d trust their reporting when I see something on that page along the lines of:

    *McCain attends Sunday Mass
    *Obama caught picking his nose

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