Connecticut Optimism

Scott Davis writes

Fast-forward to the present and our point of view is very different. This region has provided everything we could hope for and more. We have earned graduate degrees from local universities, purchased a home and put down roots in our community. Professionally we found the senior leadership of the Hartford region engaging and inviting. Our efforts to reach out to these “cold New Englanders” have been met with interest and a focus on what we can accomplish together.

He’s writing about opportunity and involvement and the future of Connecticut. I think he nails the relationship. He’s also given me more to think about for course content in the Fall.

But how about a little web design.

1 thought on “Connecticut Optimism

  1. gibb

    Well, if you’re an up-and-comer, this is the group to join and make connections so that you can hop around among the companies and dance on heads. Notice that their supporters include four insurance companies and three financial groups out of the eight listed. This is where our premiums go while common folk–good God, even those damned elderly–can’t afford insurance coverage. Love their “appreciate diversity” strategy–visiting restaurants outside of downtown Hartford–West Hartford possibly?

    Web design? Gee, they could use a copyeditor for starters.

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