Reading some of the coverage of Governor Rowland’s political troubles is just weird. Christopher Shayes (R-4) claims that what Roland did was “totally wrong” but ventures that his gift-acceptence wasn’t illegal. Others, such as Dean Pagini, Rowland’s chief of staff, shadow this with observations that Rowland believes he broke no laws.

These people must know something we don’t. Shayes must know exactly what took place otherwise he wouldn’t deny legal foul play. I want to know what Shayes and Pagini know that neither The Middletown Press nor The Hartford Courant have yet to report.

The Journal Inquirer claims that much has yet to be disclosed and has been working to grab docs having to do with other gift issues–travel and work–that may prove or disprove a pattern of corruption at the state house. The JI writes:

Garber [Rowland’s lawyer] denied the JI’s request to examine all schedules prepared for Rowland by his staff, asserting, “the personal travel of the governor and his family do not relate to the public interest.”

Garber is shrewed. Because he’s right. Personal travel doesn’t matter and I’m sure the JI would agree. What does matter is who paid; that is the public’s interest, and that’s what, it would appear, the JI wants to know.

The illogic is just stunning.

5 thoughts on “cottage-gate

  1. Rina

    The illogic IS stunningAnd double standards are amusing.That being said…I’m really surprised it took this long for folks to figure out what a slimey bastard Rowland actually is. But the worst part is…the people who are exposing him are no better!***mad laughter***HAHAHA! HO!HO!HO!***wiping the tears from my eyes***I remember going to a fundraiser for Rowland in 97?…people thought I was really friendly because I was laughing and giggling so much. What they didn’t know was that I was laughing my a$$ off because the farce was killing me. I was much angrier back then but I just couldn’t keep a straight face…and I wasn’t even drinking.As a republican, I could never stomach the man. In fact, I cannot stomach ANY Connecticut politicians, regardless of their political affiliations…with the exception of exactly one.Well…maybe two.And then they wonder why young people are leaving CT.

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