Yet more crap.

I’m fairly informed on American history. I wont ever stop studying it (is that knocking on wood?). What’s clear is that our system is a system that must be used and used proactively, and thus I support impeachment with full thrust: American power shouldn’t be about force or information gathering; it should be about sharing and creativity. I don’t believe we can leave Iraq as quickly as some would want, which is a pretty sorry position to have to take. But major media will not cover some stories that matter and need to mater at the human level, such as those effects of ignorance and arrogance that change the lives of millions on pure whim. Media story after story on the subject of the “war on terror” (shameful term) are not about what we need to know.

More specific case: Media force the notion that elections in the US are about candidates. They’re not, so I could care less about what is said in the padded-cage engines of our election cycles. People who run for president are tough customers, but they’re not that tough. The only public figure I’d put a vote down for is Cornel West. Elections should be about need, ideas, and the people who elect. YouTube in politics is curious only.

We just had a family destroyed just down the street. Horrid. This is one of the worst crimes I can think of because it’s about the destruction of space, of an ambient idea, of an ideal, and an expectation, which Langston Hughes teaches me a lot about. Ethically, the invader leaves their rights behind them when they push into my space. In culture we share our spaces with others and learn where the boundaries are. In my mind, you don’t enter another person’s space unless you are invited in or your entrance can assist in some reasonable fashion or reasonably prevent harm.

9/11 was a similar invasion, a breaking of boundaries.

Yes, I believe that the law requires that Bush be impeached.