Creative Danger

This is wonderful stuff. Susan Gibb on the dangers of do-it-yourself:

The grapes are in full galloping fermentation and while I’ve been elbow deep in it popping the grapes to get that done quickly, it keeps threatening to overflow its container and I’m afraid that it just might tonight. At midnight. Seep over and out and spill over the floor in a big sticky mess. Just managed by good luck to avoid an explosion this afternoon. Skimmed the top pulp that separates itself from the crabapple wine, wrapped it in a plastic bag to discourage fruit flies until I get it outside in the garbage and lo and behold! The stuff was still busy fermenting, putting out gas and the bag was blown up and ready to burst. That would’ve been a mess I’d have had to walk away from. Hop in the car and just drive.


The grape jelly: a winner.