Design Tests Complete

For students or anyone else coming to this weblog you should not that a few things have changes. Lots of trimming going on around here.

First off, there is a new weblog in operation over at Courses. This weblog will act as a loci for the courses that I teach. I wont be posting a lot to this weblog. In addition, the Courses weblog has a forum linked to it called Course Forums powered by the latest version of bbPress. Courses is feeding forum posts back into the sidebar from the forum area, which makes the Courses weblog a one-click design concept, which is what I was after and thus serves to replace reliance on WebCT Vista as a course manager. Both the weblog and the forum are up as opportunities for people to engage material outside the square-box classroom, and in an ongoing, depressurized way, given that the engagement is unevaluated for legal and technical reasons, that is until the operations are moved to my college’s own servers.

Over time, I shall be adding links to the course weblog on general material, so that it sort of behaves like the old courseweblog2 that has saved a few students already but no longer can because it has been wiped from the digital sphere.

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