Doing Yet More Impossible Things in Inform 7

To create the illusion of doing more impossible things in Inform 7

The Lab is a room. The description is “The lab is cool. You sense the existence of an atom in the lab.”

The Atom is an open enterable scenery in the Lab.

An Electron is an open enterable scenery in the Atom. A dog is in the electron.

Instead of entering the Atom: say “You did the impossible and went inside the atom. Even so, you spy an electron.”

Instead of examining the electron, say “Maybe you could get inside that too.” instead.

Instead of entering the electron: say “Now you feel even smaller. But, hey, how did that dog get in here?”

After examining the dog:
now the player is in the Lab;
say “You remember the dog smiling at you and saying, ‘Dork.'”