Education Philosophies

Christopher Coonce-Ewing, a cool dude, provides his personal education philosophy on his weblog. Here’s the final paragraph:

I believe in an educational system which takes the ideals of the Platonic system, the suggestions of Adler, and uses these to help students attain a broad range of knowledge. This same system would embrace the findings of “A Nation at Risk” and would continue to self-evaluate with future reports to track changes in educational results. These national level reports would then tie into a national assessment system based upon a set of standards which would be created by a committee of educational professionals. Only by changing the system to ensure that all of the assessments and standards would be the same can educational equality be achieved in America.

Christopher’s philosophy is complicated and points to issues with inner-city schools, dynamic classrooms, and taking educational assessment seriously. I want to see him get to work on this stuff, even though I disagree with much of it.

1 thought on “Education Philosophies

  1. Christopher

    Okay, I’ll bite, what don’t you agree with? Plato? Adler? Nation at Risk? Assessments?

    I observed in New Britain, Berlin and West Hartford this semester and as of now, a school system like New Britain is where I feel I could do the most good.

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