Exercises in Compression

The final exams for Comp 101 have been given. The piece is a short paper the topic for which is drawn from a hat. The individuals in the course are expected to write a proposal claim; they’re to get in and out quick and detail a problem, provide a solution or a straight proposal, provide reasons and advantages, and supply support and evidence from a min of two sources. I see it as an excellent example of a long weblog post with links to data, authoritative sources, and a minimum of fluff, such as “For eons, people have been struggling with power grids.”

In such a work, students need to avoid generalization and get to a solution to a distinct problem. Here’s an example of the compressive mode vs the general approach:

When the lights went out in New England, people demanded a new way to ensure sparks.


All across the country power is hard to get.

Or the writer should start with a signalled reference

So and so, Director of Research at so and so, remarked on the day the lights went out in Greenwich, “Wow, we should have seen that one coming” (page number).

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  1. Sean

    I don’t think I can’t leave links to the info found from the Tunxis database, because of all the sign-in stuff. Anyway, I took your advice and waited until Friday to start. After a long nap of-course.

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