for the new media student

Saturday, November 15th, 2003

They’re cookin up some interesting stuff over at Georgia Tech. Tunxis New Media Communication might be sending some students on to Janet Murray.

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  1. Maureen says:

    This looks quite fascinating…Marrying humanities with computer science…

    One could go on to create educational videos, work in television, computer games…

    Hmm, I wonder if this might be the place to go to learn about CGI techniques [in film]… Perhaps the next generation of “Industrial Light and Magic” wizards will be schooled at Georgia Tech…


    Saint Jo’s needs to work more on marrying computer science with literature… Pat yourself on the back, Steve..Tunxis is moving ahead into new frontiers faster than the big schools…:) Kudos!

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little woode…

  2. Susan says:

    I’ve been complaining(
    lately about the choice of courses needed for a liberal arts degree at Tunxis, and Prof. Jerz at Seton Hill has suggested that I push for substitutions with my advisor about this. For my purposes and interests, New Media would serve me much better than more Algebra or Nutrition!

  3. ersinghaus says:

    Susan, your advisor should be flexible on choices. But you won’t be able to avoid gen eds.

  4. Christopher says:

    While an advisor at TXCC may be flexible, a future school may not be so flexible in accepting your course choices (no offense to the new media classes). The “standard” classes are the ones accepted with slight effort and the “unique” classes are the harder ones to transfer.

    I’m very interested in the new media classes coming up, I just need to figure out a way to take a full course load at Central and still fit a class or two in at TXCC.

  5. Im planning on Central most likely as well, but was hoping to get there a little sooner. Kinda knew I couldnt get away with fighting the system for special treatment, and Mr. E. brings that fact home. But thats his way; encourages philosophical creativity, slaps you back into reality, then tells you there is no reality. Makes you think, and this is probably why nobody likes him…

  6. Maureen says:

    A. Nony. Mouse- Wow, the way you describe Mr. E he sounds like another Texan gentleman who teaches at UTEP… You may not know it..but you paid Mr. E a huge compliment… He has learned from the master..:)

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little woode…

  7. Maureen says:

    Susan, I know what you mean about wanting to substitute classes… Though as others have said, be careful about not fullfilling you Gen Ed. requirements… That can kill you if you are going to Transfer to another school or go on to Grad School…

    That being said, you can still take the classes you enjoy as an “elective”..I don’t know how many electives you are allowed in your major…

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little woode…

  8. spinning says:

    Thanks, Maureen. Unfortunately, I tried to always pair up classes (2/semester), one I loved with one that was pure how-to-but-I’ll-never-use-except-for-the-thought-process type. And I’ve run out of the loved ones. My electives were taken up with sociology, philosophy and psychology, and those I’d like to go further in but will have to wait until I graduate Tunxis. However, at the rate I’m going, New Media may be a required elective before long!

    And gee, I thought that was Mr. E’s natural lovable personality. Susan