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My friend Patrice Hamilton has a write up by Susan Dunne in the Hartford Courant today. The focus is on Patrice’s film Exposure. Dunne writes:

But the real star is the woman behind the camera, who is working on two new screenplays and, if she gets financing, would love to shoot them in the state. (Hamilton, who used her own short stories as the basis for this film, cheekily refers to herself by having one character say that another character’s drama “would make a good short story.”)

Encouraging filmmaking in Connecticut is a wonderful thing. It’s even better when that filmmaker doesn’t just fly in for a brief shoot but lives and works among us. Let’s hope Hamilton can keep making movies and build on this toward a meaningful second career.

This is an excellent point to make about state “industry.” The next several years should not just concentrate on the obvious brick and mortar economy, but also making opportunity for creative ecology. It would help also if reviewers paid more attention to their subjects and took them more seriously:

Tyler Knowlin, an actor from Manchester, is good as the UConn hoopster, and Anthony Vincent, from West Hartford, is good also, as a man who can’t get over his ex, even though he has a sweet wife and two kids.

Such a sentence softens the content of the film, asserts judgement against the actors without providing evidence to support, and misses Robert’s character path. This should be a profile of the writer/director.

Exposure is available on Indieflix.

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  1. susan

    I suspect that Patrice is really going to make it big some day, she’s got that terrific mix of creative spirit plus hardheaded professional determination that can conceive and produce a piece from all aspects. Bravo for work to date and I look forward to the next.

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