human dignity

Watchmen is full of stuff to do and to think about. It;s a work that puts the reader into a space of thought: thought space.

Which leads me to the idea of human dignity. Good literature manifests the notion of the dignified, as does good journalism, painting, and programming. For me, the supreme human value is dignity, not courage or steadfastness or faith. Tragedies happen, as do slip ups. History is filled with examples of a struggle to define concept, place, and identity in the face of conflict and change.

I will vote for this value in November above all other concerns. I will vote for Alan Moore and Einstein and Alejo Carpentier and Borges.

2 thoughts on “human dignity

  1. Maureen

    ..Alejo Carpentier and/or Borges are not running this November..Alas…

    I suppose one must look for the values of Carpentier and Borges within Kerry or Bush…It is all we have…

    I wonder if dignity is a type of courage… To be concerned with dignity..even faced with great hardship or setbacks…it is a path that is “chosen”….

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little fall woode…[I almost typed in “Clarissa” again..tsk tsk…]

  2. susan

    I feel that Maureen is on the right track here; human dignity is a result of courage, steadfastness and faith. It is a belief in oneself that one is doing the right thing and harming no one in the process. It is a belief that life itself has value, and one chooses to uphold that value in oneself and others.

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