Hypertext and CSS

It’s been a little quiet here. But I’m getting deeper into Paths and CSS, one the one hand enjoying Susan Gibbs’ Paths and then relearning modern CSS after a couple of years of non-study. The later comes from a need to control academic weblog content to a greater degree without being confined to other designers’ WordPress themes. So, I’ve decided to take the sandbox theme and build a theme of my own. The academic weblogs, much like academic websites, are loaded with necessary information for students. Thus, the opportunity for design may crumble under potential busyness

I’ve been using Sadish Balasubramanian’s WordPress themes on the course and new media weblogs because they’re solid backbones and when I’ve gone astray, I’ve always reloaded Sadish’s material.

But now it’s time to dig in and apply my own thinking to this for next semester’s courses so I can control presentation. I’m not a great designer and have no real eye for designing beyond white space and a few base colors. But, progress has already been made.