Hypertext Schema

Susan Gibb writes

Storyspace has indeed opened up Paths into much more than it started out being, and I’ve posted several times on its methods of accomplishing this. However, in this particular project, in changing the narrative structure–rerouting I guess you’d call it–I find any creative force squelched by the need to find connecting words that build bridges between the threads of story to make the whole thing work.

This sounds like a question or problem of schema. How do links in a fiction work naturally or as naturally as possible given the work, characters, conflict, and tendencies of stylistics. It’s not just a question on link, but maybe even several in their sequence as relationships.source: http://membres.lycos.fr/hiyami/library/death.htm


or is it

fire water earth and mist

The other day it struck me that Blummer loved death. That’s right, death. He lives in a fantasy world, of course, where he’s caught just clips of black in windows, halls, and bathrooms. It doesn’t have to be a fantasy world. Death, of course, doesn’t mean death at all. This is a question of POV.