Idea Flows

Ray Hudson in the October Progress in Human Geography writes in “Regions and place: music, identity and place”:

‘Places’ can be thought of as complex entities, ensembles of material objects, people, and systems of social relationships embodying distinct cultures and multiple meanings, identities and practices. As such, places are contested and continually in the process of becoming, rather than essentialized and fixed, open and porous to a variety of flows in and out rather than closed and hermetically sealed (Hudson, 2001: Chapter 8 ). How then can music be thought of in relation to the (un)making of place?

I’m less interested in the question than I am in the use of the word “flow.” It’s a nice metaphor here given that a weblog can also illustrate the notion of in and out flow, much like a neighborhood, whose streets one year may bring in a succession of different families, thus contributing to the continuity and change of a place.

Sidebar note: in rhetoric, we should try to eliminate the givens and thus leave space for what may not be known or assumed. Knock out the assumed. “ensembles of material objects” = yikes.