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  • (See also Dark Rooms)
  • Portable Light (flashlight device)
    This is a very common and simple example of how to create a portable light source that can be carried by the player to provide light in dark rooms.
  • Temporary Portable Light
    This is an example of one way to create a portable light source (flashlight device) that will provide light for a limited amount of time based on the number of turns.
  • A Lighter in the Dark (A "Pseudo-device")
    This is a brief example of starting a game in a dark room and the player must use a lighter before they are allowed to leave. It also creates a lighter that will only work for a brief period of time (two turns) and works as a 'pseudo-device' instead of a device. This was an idea given to me by two of my students in the Fall 2009 New Media Perspectives class.
  • Secret Room
    This demonstrates how we might create a secret room that is only accessible by a special closet elevator utilizing a device and playing with room mapping. This is based on 'The Unbuttoned Elevator Affair' example in Chapter 3.3 in the Inform documentation.

The examples and snippets were created with Inform 7.

To play the examples available here, you need an interpreter program: many are available, among them Zoom for Mac OS X and for Unix, and Windows Frotz for Windows.