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John Timmons

Release 1

"Portable Light (candle)" by John Timmons

The story headline is "Creating A Portable Light Source to Illuminate a Dark Room." The story description is "This is a very common and simple example of how to create a portable light source that can be carried by the player to provide light in dark rooms."

Release along with the source text and a website.

Use full-length room descriptions, American dialect, the serial comma, and no scoring.

[This is our starting room.]

The Foyer is a room. "A barren room. There is an exit to the north."

[We create a thing called a candle, give it the property of lit (meaning it is giving off light), and locate it in the Foyer.]

A burning candle is in the Foyer. It is lit. The description is "The candle is burning and should provide enought light to see in the dark."

[The Kitchen is a dark room.]

The Kitchen is north of the Foyer. The Kitchen is dark. "It seems like a normal kitchen now that there is some light in here."

Test me with "n / s / take candle / x candle / n".