Inform 7 Snippets  

The Foyer is a Room

Inform 7 Examples & Snippets by John Timmons

Introduction to IF (pdf, 612KB)


  1. Creating Your World (pdf)
  2. Decorating Your World (pdf)
  3. Containers (pdf)
  4. Doors (pdf)
  5. Making Your World Behave (pdf)
  6. Finishing Up (pdf)




We receive many interesting and challenging questions from students in class that begin with "how do I...?" or "could I...?" As educators, we take these seriously and welcome the opportunities to find solutions where both student and teacher can learn together.

The links to the left are examples of potential solutions (or at least starting points) to these questions. They have been posted here as an archive for everyone to access, use, and learn from.


These examples and snippets were created with Inform 7.