Internet Time

The lastest on weblogging from Colin McEnro in the Hartford Courant makes this often made case

. . . the blogosphere does not merely resemble the American frontier. It is the frontier. The blogosphere is Deadwood, where you earn your rep by what you can do, not by your class and family connections that mattered so much back in Boston. In Deadwood, the language is vulgar and combatants are quick to go for their guns. The lowliest man can rise to be mayor.

I would suggest that it’s time to move on. I would argue that the tiered nature of the system proves its maturity. I’d like to hear a few new ideas.

On another note, I hadn’t realized the extent to which the 2008 elections had worked their way into a frenzy. I heard Wolf the other day explaining the Primary system, a system he will simply have to explain again and again and again, I would assume (this is why perpetual elections are good for business). I have absolutely no interest in the 2008 election, however, and have no wish to “learn” about the candidates. But for the national press, this is easy stuff. No need to put a lot of thought into filling that 24 hours. The script’s already written.