iPhone Good News

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

First of all I think the iPhone is a necessary device for a lot of reasons, especially as I continue to wrestle with game controllers, preferring keyboard controls to moving things about with the thumb. And it’s a good thing that people like Mark are taken with the device and its possibilities.

And in this post it’s already playing a role in Tinderbox:

We’re trying a new Tinderbox feature. What happens if you give a Tinderbox document its own email mailbox?

One thing that happens is that I can email notes from my iPhone right to my Projects database.

One response to “iPhone Good News”

  1. gibb says:

    Just had some fun fiddling with my nephew’s iPhone and I must say I’m impressed. Basically because of the super sharp screen (unscratchable–all glass!), the easy scroll and zoom features, and the sophisticated details for ease of use, it’s a whole lot better than what I expected. He got one because he just got a job as a software engineer in Manhattan and figured he should be on top of technology. Actually, his dad got it for him as a graduation (Renssalaer) gift. I may also get a chance to buy his old Mac book because he’s gotten a new one.