Just Say They Say It

Over the past seven years the “just print it” problem has persisted. The Leader says this or that and that makes the cut. For example, Allen and Martin at Politico write:

As part of a plan to reinvigorate his flagging campaign, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is considering additional economic measures aimed directly at the middle class that are likely to be rolled out this week, campaign officials said.

Among the measures being considered are tax cuts – perhaps temporary – for capital gains and dividends, the officials said.
. . .
McCain advisers hope that by being specific, he can pose a contrast to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), who has been benefited from taking a vague but consistent approach to policy during the economic crisis.

And the writers aren’t even attempting irony.

Then there’s this:

Mr. Paulson heeded those pleas. In his remarks on Friday, he carefully noted that the government would acquire only “nonvoting” shares in companies. And officials said the law lets the Treasury write most of its own restrictions on executive pay, and those restrictions can be lenient if they are applied to a set of fairly healthy companies.

1 thought on “Just Say They Say It

  1. Mary Ellen

    Well, they need to understand that vagueness carries with it the scent of sincerity and the illusion/allusion of honesty. Perks me up every time.

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