Kendra Cornell Bound

Big congratulations to my daughter, Kendra. She’s been accepted into Cornell University, along with two other very happy Simsbury High School colleagues. The pressure cooker’s now de-steamed.

We’re ecstatic here because K did all the work herself. While I had to work very hard at getting out of school, trying my best to fake illness, K has done the opposite, often faking not being sick so as not to miss whatever she claimed she couldn’t miss at the time. We would often implore her to stay home a few days and rest. She never did. She set the goal herself, did all the work herself, now making very good headway through calculus and physics, and has reaped exactly what she sowed, all of her own independent mind. And that’s why I’m proud of her. We never had to tell her to work hard. She figured this out herself.

Here’s to you, kiddo.

3 thoughts on “Kendra Cornell Bound

  1. susan

    May I add my congratulations here as well. She’s right–hard work is one of the most important keys to achievement and I applaud both her acknowledgement and her willingness to follow that path. Best wishes, Girl!

  2. Mary Ellen

    Congratulations, Kendra! Bask in the glow of your hard work, you deserve it. What a great present!

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