learning or education?

Sunday, January 18th, 2004

Spinning makes great points about a distinction between learning and education.

I could make the distinction that education points to infrastructure and institution while learning goes to an action, habit, and the nature of creatures. Our environments are loaded with things to learn. Education formalizes the habit. Professor Drout points back to and comments on recent (but perennial) flaps about the MLA and attitudes about the humanities. But I think we always need to ask: who benefits from the institution, from the work, from the discoveries, from the fights? The answer is: it depends on where and who you are.

I say to Spinning: keep up the good work. She lives it.

2 responses to “learning or education?”

  1. gibb says:

    thanks, boss.

  2. Spinning says:

    EDUCATION: Giving the Devil His Due

    You know, whom am I kidding with the sacred rule of protecting identities on weblogs? All you have to do is follow the links back and you’ll find a name. In my post EDUCATION: The Unlisted Courses, I mention my