missing something

Saturday, November 29th, 2003

So it’s Saturday and I can’t help but thinking that I’m missing something. Did that exam not get written or changed; did I miss that email; do I have too much time on my hands? Questions. In American education rest periods begin much earlier than the actual breaks. We get’s lots of time off for the Christmas holiday and over the summer, but who would argue the opposite that the Christmas break doesn’t start just after Thanksgiving, the routines set into motion in September upset by shopping, food, visitors, and prep for next semester.

I found that I needed the break. Found a little time to work on stories, which I’m never comfortable with. Found time to catch up on la familia. All good things. Found time also to work on a few posts concerning teaching but that aren’t quit ready to go up.

The question is: can we have sustained and intense learning over breaks; will all the work that students have put into their subject be forgotten over the two month winter break?

2 responses to “missing something”

  1. susan says:

    Glad to hear you’ve found some writing time as well. So have I.

  2. Spinning says:

    EDUCATION: Semester Breaks

    The Great Lettuce Head wonders if students at least make an attempt to maintain ongoing study or at least retain what is learned from one semester to another, or even during breaks such as this Thanksgiving holiday. Actually, even the