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We know that the circles or bubbles touch and converge, partly, since we can only be in one place at a time; we live in our own space and can’t live outside of it; therefore, existence is a trap.

This is a problem that bothers a persistent character that I’ve been following sometime across several novels and in short stories. The real problem for “him,” he has a lot of names, has to do with living with what is and being able to describe such a “problem” as a problem.

Here’s an example. As a child, character x hates school and feels the approach of the monster while walking through the desert. He may hate school or he may hate that he has to fear it. Or he may hate that he can do nothing about the inevitability of the monster. He wonders why things are as they are and not some other way. Some might say that this is a foolish preoccupation but for character x it leads to interesting questions of place, role, and the choices we have to make concerning friendship and family. He has lots to do and has many journeys to work through, but in his own mind he is also a character to himself.

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  1. Katherine Nowakowski

    Looking at and discovering facts abouts oneself can be disturbing, causing chaos in the way one sees themselves within the tiny “bubble” we call our existance. However, having the courage to take this journey backwards in our minds can bring answers about the source of our “problems”. Taking this seemingly endless journey can be very painful; you take many slaps to the ego, but at the same time, it’s quite freeing. You can feel some of your mental weight falling off when find an “ah-ha” along the road. I’ve been there, but I still have a long, long way to go…

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