Narratives and Scope

Here’s to Susan, Jim, Joanne, James, John, Josh, Kasandra, and Jason, quickly becoming group Fellows. I thank them most heartily.

It was about air and the things we see, hear, and smell through it and because of it. The evening was complex. Facade with the screen covered made for different experience minus the elegant expressions, and the sound design of HL2 is just astounding. The details matter. How the air sounds in a hall or how a voice diminishes with distance and the sound of glass against concrete. I keep learning how hard it is to write the effect, to catch the dust and the protuberances. It’s an exciting challenge.

And here Susan Gibb examines one of the great spatial descriptions of death here.

2 thoughts on “Narratives and Scope

  1. susan

    It was indeed an eye-opening and close-listening experience, leaving a writer with answers that opened up new questions.

    I’m thinking that new media elements are used to their best advantage in a planned and cohesive manner of concert.

    But then again, simple writing often has its own merits, as in Harrogate and his watermelons.

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