new media course update

We will probably not be covering hypertext in class at the next meeting on Monday but will continue with space and time in art issues. This past week we had some dynamite spatial analysis of Watchmen from Kluba and Timmons, examinations which are well worth staying on task in terms of our time limits.

In terms of hypertext, space and time, links and sources and destinations and their structures, it’s important to consider how all this plays into the hands of Watchman and its sequential superstructures, which cross the borders of text, graphics, and visual composition. There are associations between how we read Watchman and how we read writing on the screen. To refer back to Ted Nelson: it’s filmic/cinematic.

I’m pretty that our students who are working with Powerpoint have noticed the film editing features. I think this goes to the nature of digital space in general.

1 thought on “new media course update

  1. gibb

    Yay Watchmen! Yay Powerpoint! Yay the computer that can handle it!

    No foolin’, I’ve learned so much from this course on literature, graphics, art–all the narrative forms, and, in their various mediums of film, text, or static visuals. It is amazing how one relates to all the rest, and I’ve (in my usual manner of absorption) carried it into the natural world around us as well.

    Good stuff here.

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