New Mexico Years Ago

This is one of my favorite photographs, which I’ve finally found the energy to scan. Manuel Cervantes, a wonderful friend, and I (in my hunting days) in New Mexico’s Black Range in 1986 or ’87. Title is Manuel Considering the Fire. I took this photo as the day was heading into dusk. Temperature was about 40 degrees and, I think, it was the third or forth day out. It had snowed the night prior and all the tequila gone.


Manuel, salud!

4 thoughts on “New Mexico Years Ago

  1. gibb

    What a wonderful image! What a story it tells (though what I read is a bit different than what you describe, or simply flows from there)! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Josh

    Agreed.. it reminds me of one of a still shot from an old western–except there’s French’s mustard and Folgers coffee. Very cool photo.

  3. Steve Post author


    On the day in, we encountered two men coming up a stream bed with mules and beards about a year long. Very McCarthyesque. One of those one of a kind encounters. I don’t think they had mustard.

  4. Josh

    Absolutely. My grandparents had a McCarthy giclee in their living room. It was of a party of Native Americans traversing the landscape. Even so, your photo reminded me of them almost immediately–specifically my grandfather, who loved Louis L’Amour and John Wayne.

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