Nice Words

Susan Gibb has nice things to say here. She is a wonder and is too kind.

Just the other day we had a nice conversation about CSS, PHP, and the future of otto. We have some interesting ideas in the works for the litmag, the majority of the work being done by Susan, including the leg work to get the thing out into the “eye.” I thought the first issue was a smash; I especially liked the ring binder and think we should consider some handwoven collectors issues for next time. But for this we may need freelance weavers. Anyway, the idea is to play with otto as a Borgesian work. To read otto one might have to seek a resolution in Hartford, perhaps by looking for that slip of paper under a board near Colt Building.

otto as Not otto.

Or perhaps otto as some other otto. otto as overloaded function. Case 1 to case . . .

So, here’s to Susan Gibb.

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