Oh why oh why, Emma?

Thursday, August 11th, 2005

Oh why sweet Emma did you hammer that beautiful bird with a silver skillet and stuff that rag of a purring cat into the waste disposer? Oh. And why oh why did you stuff your old man into the icebox (dead before or because of) oh why? Oh why?

One response to “Oh why oh why, Emma?”

  1. susan says:

    THANK YOU! You made my day. There are also many more little details you notice in the re-watching of this film. How Emma looks amazed at the dead bird and her destroyed skillet. Is she surprised at what she has done, or at the damage to her pot? The way she yanks the cat’s tail out of the disposal–shrugs and tosses it away. A little gleam as she sweeps the birds off her porch and the radio announcer is saying how the suitors will be lining up at her door.

    Oh yes, and why? Because that’s what happens to noisy birds, annoying cats and poorly behaved husbands.