On good writing

Spinning writes:

To quickly dispel any possible circulating rumors that I am a depressing, bitter old lady, let me give you one or two tiny pieces of the puzzle. I have a husband who makes the best chili and gazpacho (obviously a patient manwho else will take an hour just chopping vegetables?) and who has brought me a single red rose every Friday for the last fourteen years. He is perhaps, the rock to which I cling when Im dancing in real reality. My writing is something that perhaps is often gloomy or sardonic, but that is from no other man but Edgar (Oh lookhes smiling down at me!). That, and the inclination to write most often when Im having a saggy diaper day.

Very nice writing.

2 thoughts on “On good writing

  1. Susan

    Thank you, kind sir. Although I may still come off as a grump, at least everyone knows I married well. Or is this truth? I write fiction, remember. And if I have achieved a level worthy of your praise, it really doesn’t matter where the truth begins or ends in writing, does it.

  2. Maureen

    Susan..do not worry about being a grumpkin… Perhaps that is what makes you a good writer…

    Think about it.. How many of the great writers were happy go lucky types?… Hmmmm…

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little woode…

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