On Lists

100 Days is proceeding. I already have the opportunity to reflect on the lists I’ve had in Tinderbox. Over the semester it was difficult to consider narrative in depth. Already the flood gates have opened and story notes won’t stop. It’s difficult to sit down and NOT write a story until early morning.

At the soccer field the other day during a conversation with a friend a particular subject sent me to my moleskin and I jotted down an idea, an idea that I’ll develop in the morning, but structure will be in mind, built around the two story requirements–conflict and complication. For example, in Tinkerton, I had the ands and ors in my head for the past month, but did not know about squirrels or pigeons or war. But I do know that in The Rabbit, there’s a rabbit, but why, and to whom is this rabbit connected?

Furthermore, I can already see the seeds of character relationships inside certain ideas. There are lots of narratives on the back burner, but I can already sense which stories will extend through multiple POVs.