On Purchasing a Car

Soon I will be “in the market” for a car. This is what I want. Something small, light, and with excellent turning radius. I don’t want it to run on gas, but on solar power. The paint should be mixed with some sort of photovoltaic resin. Mucho sun power will be required for this so I’d like someone to do something about pollution and New England’s yellow sun. I want the thing to know when I’m in it, just as my computer knows when I walk into the room and thus reverts back to the desktop, and will start on it’s own. It will remember where I go, so that steering is easier or unnecessary. GPS will anticipate clogs. Controls should be on the steering wheel but no VW nuance please.

The words gas mileage will not be an issue, so this kind of language should be removed from stickers and marketing materials. I don’t care about color but would prefer dark green (for better light absorption.

In addition to this, I’d like not to drive on blacktop but “something else” that will absorb water, flow it to where it’s needed, and can change shape to accomodate traffic or yank at the tires of speeders, which, of course, would need to be made out of some other material that doesn’t require oil in its manufacture but could still be yanked at.

Now, I’d like all this done by January when I should be just about close to making a decision.

Is it morning yet?

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