On the James Tate Case: well, not really

Connecticut has this weird issue with students in high school, rules, and processes. The latest is Shelton High student James Tate and the case of the Sign and the Prom. Others include, of course, Doninger v. Niehoff.

What’s running here is the easy story arc, apparently made for national television and Youtube. A man buys a hat to impress the boss. Unfortunately, the company has a no hat policy. The boss is indeed impressed with the hat, then says, “But you’re fired, Hank.”

The “bad guy” in the “true” story is headmaster Beth Smith, who now has the full weight of the mayor and other state legislators against her. Even an alderperson has something to say on the matter

Shelton Alderman John Finn said Wednesday that Tate has “done nothing wrong” and that he thinks Smith will “lose a lot of respect over this.”

Of course, in the Hank story above we learn later in his story that the aforementioned rule may not be a rule just a “practice,” which leaves wiggle room, because the rule only applied to hats with brims. The world erupts, The Boss is now in a situation where face will be lost. The truth of it all will be sorted out sometime in the future.

And, of course, students will continue to graduate from high school with deficiencies in expected ability, but at least love lives on, legislators with “write a law,” and everyone will live happier ever after.